Brand Protection

Branding is a crucial and important process in building a successful business and identity. The integrity of your business relies on the names, logos, tag lines, and distinctive attributes that make your product or service unique. The lack of protection of these assets could be detrimental to building brand loyalty and turning consumers into loyal and repeat customers. Alternatively, a heavy handed approach could trigger a negative response in the news or social media.  The best brand protection programs include a carefully weighted response to violations, and this this is where we excel. We realize that every offender should not be the target of a criminal investigation or civil lawsuit. Often, a quiet and simple approach, education or hand delivered C&D is all that’s needed.

Whether it’s a patent, copyright, trademark or trade secret, discreetly protecting your intellectual property is always our top priority.Brand Security Corp will protect your company's intellectual property  

Brand Security Corporation has long been established as an industry leader in intellectual property investigations.  We work closely with brands to quickly identify and enforce intellectual property violations in line with your company ethics.  Our vast expertise spans all types of IP investigations from online and field investigations to event enforcement.  Navigate to our media page where you’ll see a few of the investigations we’ve been involved in over the past several years.  

License Numbers: California PI 20517, Nevada PI 2702